List of Engineering Services

Wind Bracing 



A bracing design which ties the framing of a structure together in order for it to withstand hurricane force winds  


Foundation Design




Existing conditions of a site are carefully considered in the design of a foundation (whether floating slab or post and beam) in order to best transfer a building's load to the ground and maintain its structural integrity


Flood Plain Analysis




Creating mathematical models of a given study area in order to determine boundaries of 100-year Hazardous Flood Plain to assure proposed development will not adveresly impact surrounding properties


Drainage Study



A detailed analysis and report of existing and proposed runoff which allows examination of the effect on surrounding properties in order to better manage flood control


Platting (major & minor)




The process of obtaining city approval to break up one larger piece of land into several smaller parcels after consulting with a civil engineer for its design; A professional engineer as well as a registered land surveyor must both stamp the final, approved plat map design.


Utility Design



The design of electrical, natural gas, telephone, and cable television utility systems for residential and commercial developments 


Plot Plans




An architecture, engineering, and/or landscape architecture plan (drawing-diagram) which shows the buildings, utility runs, equipment layout, position of roads, and other constructions of an existing or proposed project site at a defined scale


Driveway Permitting



Assistance obtaining the required permits in constructing a new residential or commercial driveway


Soils Report 



Analysis of soils conditions to determine the design criteria for proposed structures, roadways, and utilities on a given site


Roadway Design


Design of subdivison roads, parkways, collector roads (frontage roads, etc.) and highways 


Grading Plans



A plan showing contours and grade elevations for existing and proposed ground surface elevations at a given site


Construction Documents


The building plans, specifications and supporting documents used to build a project

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